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Green Chip Gold

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The Green Chip Goldmine is a craps strategy calls for betting ACROSS from the very beginning.  There are specific conditions you look for when qualifying a table to play this strategy, but we will not go into that in this article.   Our qualifying rules are available with each and every one of the Gambling Systems we sell on the site.  But we sill give you the basics of the play itself at no charge in this article.  Please note that there is substantial bankroll exposure to the volatility of the game with this strategy.  Here’s the play:

In those instances where you are the shooter, play $10 on the Pass Line and double odds.  Otherwise, you can just by-pass the Come Out, wait until the Pass Line bet is established, then bet $98 Across.  This will be an odd amount to the dealer, so break it down like this:  $10 on the four and ten, $15 on the five and nine, and $24 on the six and eight.  On the first hit on any of these numbers you press as follows:  The four or ten get pressed to a $25 Buy bet.  The five or nine get pressed to $35.  The six or eight get pressed to $42.

Once a bet is pressed to these levels – you remain at that level for the rest of the shooter’s hand.  You may decide to turn the bets off from time to time, based on your personal shooter qualification rules.  You may decide to work them continuously – even on the Come Out.  Each time one of those pressed-up bets hits the dealer is going to set two Green Chips on the layout in front of you and say “Fifty for one.”  Drop a dollar chip and pick up your two Green Chips.

Want to reduce the house edge a bit?  Once your bets are pressed up the first time switch to a Place to Come strategy, playing continuous Come bets – made with those red chips you were locking up in the back rack – until all of your Place Bets have been replaced.  Just use the same amount of odds you’d use if the Place bet your are replacing was the Pass Line point.

How much bankroll does it take to play this way?  You will probably want to buy in for $1000 to $1500 per session with a 50% loss limit.  Win goals are left to the discretion of the player.